Adventure Marketing

Too Many Options, Not Enough $$

Have you been told by a marketing agency that “You’ve got to do______!” (fill in the blank with the latest online trend)?

Perhaps they’ve shown you some impressive stats for their shiny stratagem; a viral video with 50K views, an Influencer campaign with 75K likes, a yada yada with a gazillion shares. They’ll work their magic, which is all very secret, and those numbers will be yours. It looks so cool, it’s hard not to be captivated by it all. But what exactly are those metrics? Are the likes/shares/impressions from your target audience? How many of them actually go on to purchase? Are the case studies reproducible and relevant for your market, industry and location? How will you verify any of this? And how much will those agency fees be anyway? If these questions are lingering, there’s probably a reason you’re here.

The 50,000’ View: Strategy Comes First

At Aventur, we adhere to the decidedly unsexy Duct Tape Marketing approach of strategy before tactics. Our methodology looks at your business from a high-level, clearly identifying your ideal customer and niche. Then we get down to the ground and dig deep, research and interview (you and your clients) and create a picture of where you’re at now and a game plan for where you want to go. We’ll develop powerful stories and content that sets you apart from your competition. We may use some of those same tactics the other guys are pushing, but they’ll be employed with laser-like precision. Marketing should not be a mysterious endeavour where you hope and pray for results, but an investment in a proven system that grows your business with content and strategy for each of the 7 touchpoints of the Marketing Hourglass™.

It’s About the Experience.

Whether you’re selling bike tours, rafting trips or ski gear, you know that you’re really selling ‘adventure’. Your customers are searching for the experience, the escape, the memories that will last a lifetime. These days adventure is not one-size fits all, but nuanced, soft and hard, family and couples, young and old and is attracting an ever growing market. Opportunities abound. We’ll ensure that every channel is fully aligned with engaging, conversion-driving content. Our roster of top photographers, videographers and adventure journalists, as well as Duct Tape’s best-in-class software tools and suppliers, are your virtual marketing team.

Don’t Pay for Vanity Metrics.

Without a well-crafted strategy-first approach to adventure marketing, you’ll be piecemealing one of the most important parts of your operation, rolling the dice and hoping for the best. Instead of focussing on running your business, you’ll be scrambling to fill holes, or worse, stuck in the rabbithole of yet another time-sucking social media experiment producing expensive vanity metrics. Aventur and Duct Tape Marketing will make sure every dollar you invest is going directly into growing your business and getting your life back.