SEO for Travel

Neglect SEO at Your Peril

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is complex, highly competitive and costly. If you’re not in the top 3 spots on page 1, you might as well be on page 1000. You know it’s important. The last time you looked at your Google Analytics, ‘organic’ was still your major source of traffic (and bookings). You see your competitors ranking above you and wonder how they got there. And just when you figure it out, everything changes, and your position drops…again. Staying on top of all the changes in SEO is indeed a full-time job for many marketing consultants, and since you’re running your own small business you already have more than one full-time job.

You likely receive weekly SEO spam from companies offering to boost your ranking, guaranteeing you the top spot for about the cost of a gym membership. Maybe you’ve worked with a dubious SEO company in the past that gamed the system and got you top SERPs. But Google is way smarter these days, and blackhat tricks like keyword stuffing and buying bogus links will hurt you more than help you. Or perhaps you’ve left this important role to your webmaster because you assume that if they build websites they must know SEO. But do they?

You Need a Marketing Professional Who Understands SEO

It’s important to work with a consultant who understands that SEO isn’t all about keywords— it’s the overarching discipline of smart online marketing. At Aventur, we adhere to Duct Tape Marketing SEO best practices, which have proven successful in thousands of small-medium sized businesses. Our strategy-first approach begins with deep research into your target audience and industry and our background in adventure tourism will leverage your business’ strengths to exploit the niches where you have a powerful advantage.

More Than One Kind of SEO

Many travel businesses focus exclusively on organic SEO, ignoring local SEO, which may be equally important to your operation. Local SEO, if done right, is often an easier win than organic. Research shows 51% of travellers use smartphones in-destination, and that number is growing, so even if your audience is exclusively from overseas, are you reaching those potential customers who might already be in your area? If you have last minute spots to fill or run day trips, and you’ve been ignoring local SEO, you’re leaving money on the table.

Invest in Search for Long Term Growth

Building SEO through content over time has been compared to a savings account. Little by little, that effort adds up until you have a nestegg that delivers a steady stream of qualified leads. Unlike paid advertising, SEO doesn’t stop as soon as you stop paying and still vastly beats paid for click-through-rate (CTR). Great SEO complements all your other channels and proves you’ve got cred with your target audience and Google. Think of how you’ll feel, as your organic ranking improves, surpassing your competitors and showing the world that you’re the best in your niche. That competitive advantage can last for years.