Adventure Travel Marketing

The 50,000’ View: Strategy Comes First

Our approach to adventure travel marketing will clearly identify your goals, ideal customer(s) and niche.Then we’ll distill down the results, along with your customer journey, and competitor and market research, to create your core messaging. Only after developing the strategy, do we begin implementing digital marketing tactics. But when we do, we’ll use them with laser-like precision, since we know exactly who we’re targeting and how to engage them. The ultimate goal of our adventure travel marketing program is to ‘find’ more of your most valuable, ideal customers.

The Experience Matters Most

Whether you’re selling bike tours, rafting trips or ski vacations, you know that you’re really selling ‘adventure’. Your customers are searching for the experience, the escape, the memories that will last a lifetime. These days adventure is not one-size fits all, but nuanced, soft and hard, families and couples, young and old, and is attracting an ever growing market. Opportunities abound. We’ll help guide your customers on their journey, make them the ‘heroes’ and turn them into raving fans of your travel business.

Storytelling For Adventure Tourism Businesses

With so many outfitters and tour operators selling essentially the same thing, how do you differentiate your offering from your competitor’s? The best way to do this is with powerful storytelling. How many lenses can you look at your business through? Is there a cultural, culinary and newsworthy angle? Are you leading a trend in your niche? The right stories can engage your target audience, let you reach new audiences and even inspire media to write about your business. We’ll find your best stories and get your tourism marketing soaring to a new level.

Key Components of Adventure Travel Marketing

There are a lot of moving parts in a successful tourism marketing program, but each of these is essential to grow leads and ultimately, get bookings.

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Marketing Messaging for Adventure Tourism Operators

Make your customer the hero and solve their problems with the right messaging.


Essential Guide to Tourism SEO

Learn the best tactics to get your tourism business to rank higher on Google.


Google PPC Ads for Adventure Travel Operators

Paid search for tourism operators is a vital component for generating new leads in competitive markets.


Essential Website Elements for Tourism Businesses

Build trust and guide your website visitors on their journey from discovery to booking.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing for Adventure Travel Companies

Email is still a relevant and highly effective way to nurture leads and engage with past clients.

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How to Dominate Your Niche with Tourism SEO

Improve your Google rankings by creating content hubs.

Mastering Google My Business for Tour Operators

Local SEO is an important part of the adventure travel marketing mix and optimizing GMB is key.

Tourism PR Program

How to Start a Tourism PR Program

Grow awareness and boost search rankings with an effective tourism public relations and media program.

Travel Media

How to Pitch Travel Media

Find your best stories and get journalists and bloggers to write about your tour or destination.


Inbound Marketing for Adventure Travel Pros

The basics of improving your search engine rankings for tour operators.

Social Media

Social Media Tips for Tour Operators

Effective strategies for maximizing results from social media for tourism.

Tourism Public relation

Guide to Tourism Public Relations

Our complete guide to building a successful PR program for your tourism business.

Invest in Results

Without a well-crafted strategy-first approach to adventure travel marketing, and the tactics to back it up, you’ll be piecemealing one of the most important parts of your business, rolling the dice and hoping for the best. Our roster of top photographers, videographers and adventure journalists, and our best-in-class software tools and suppliers, are your virtual marketing team. Let Aventur make sure every dollar you invest in marketing is going directly into growing your tourism business.

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“Darryl's tourism SEO strategies and extensive adventure marketing experience have taken us from an unrecognizable tourism operator into a successful and recognized business.”

Wesley Gibson,
Owner, At The Water's Edge Adventures

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