Social Media for Adventure Travel Businesses

Are your Social Media Channels a Boon or Burden?

Travel and tourism businesses seem almost made for social media. Everyone loves to show off their latest adventures or take flights of fancy on their coffee breaks. But as a small business owner, how do you justify the time to find, create and curate material for this uncertain audience. Does being someone’s entertainment source today translate into dollars for your business tomorrow? Are you on every social channel just in case? Are you devoting hours per day that could be better used elsewhere? Or is someone else in your operation managing your social channels? Are you monitoring and tracking conversions to calculate ROI, or just posting stuff because you think you should? And how do you stay on top of all the changes going on?

Align Your Social Media with your Marketing Strategy

Social media is a powerful tool if wielded the right way. By focussing on your ideal clients, we’ll create a plan that puts the right content in the right places at the right time. With Facebook’s diminishing organic reach and the latest changes to News Feed, it’s more important than ever to be boosting high-quality, hyper-targeted content. Our approach is to look beyond vanity metrics (the thousands of likes, views and shares you might have) and determine the most relevant content for your audience and business goals. With a small budget, you can still achieve big wins on social media.

Being fully integrated with your marketing mix means repurposing evergreen blog content, user-generated content and even reviews while adhering to a strategic content calendar. You can’t abdicate the work, but may be able to massively reduce your time commitment while increasing results. Quality over quantity is more important than ever these days.

Get Your Life Back

Think of how much you’d be able to accomplish in your business or the extra time you’d have if you only spent one or two hours per week on social media. Let us help you get there.