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Is your Website Doing Its Job?

If you’re running a travel and tourism operation, you know how important your website is to the success of your business. But do you know if it’s reaching its full potential? You may have invested a hefty sum with a web designer and created a pretty awesome looking site. But does it have the horsepower under the hood to drive sales and put money in your pocket? Does your web guy know marketing? (Most claim to, but don’t). Is your website fully aligned with all your other marketing efforts, like print, social media and PR? Or is everything managed separately? Does your site pass the grunt test? i.e. Can visitors figure out what you do in five seconds? Are you attracting armchair travellers or the purchase-ready visitors you need to reach?

The Cornerstone of your Marketing

Your website is the central hub or foundation for your marketing. The Duct Tape Marketing strategy-first model ensures your site is designed for your ideal client and niche. Pretty websites don’t cut it. Touchpoints for every stage of the customer journey are maximized using the Marketing Hourglass ™. A great looking site is vital to gaining your audience’s attention, but what happens next is even more important. We’ll make sure your site moves them along their journey towards purchase. Under the hood, we’ll build a powerful engine that includes landing pages, marketing automation, lead capture, list building and other tools so your website is fully conversion-optimized. Our roster of content creators and designers know adventure. We’ll design a site that showcases your tours or destination and and leaves your visitors inspired and wanting more.

Compete on the Quality of your Travel Experience

If your website doesn’t immediately distinguish you from your competition, you’ll be left to compete on price. Even worse, your other marketing efforts to build awareness via social or PR may be driving visitors to your site, but the experience leaves them uninspired, so they go to your competitor’s great website and give those guys their money. Don’t let that happen. That’s all the more reason to get it right and work with a marketing consultant who knows adventure tourism and the experience your audience desires.

Let our team at Aventura create a powerful website that grows your business.

A Few Key (Techy) Features of our Sites
  • Simple point-and-click editing for almost every text or graphic
  • Landing pages and conversion elements for lead gen are built in
  • Mobile-friendly responsive layout
  • Email marketing tools that build your community.
  • Scalable design.
  • Video friendly.
  • Analytics and tracking.
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