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Google Ads for Tourism Businesses

Strategically Integrate Paid Search into Your Marketing Mix

Google pay-per-click ads (PPC) are a key pillar of an effective tourism marketing system and should complement your SEO, social media and other marketing channels. Figuring out your marketing strategy takes time, energy and expertise but is essential before running paid search ads or you’ll be burning through cash. Unfortunately, most digital marketing agencies today simply throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks. This is a poor (and expensive) way to do things. At Aventur, we do the hard work that others don’t.

Industry-Leading Results

By focussing on the tourism industry, we have the deep knowledge and experience not found in more generalist PPC agencies. Our Google-certified Ads team uses of cutting-edge digital tools to deliver results far above par. We typically see a 5X improvement in click-thru rate (CTR) and a minimum 10X Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) from our Google Ads campaigns.

From building high-converting landing pages and writing engaging ad copy, to designing stunning creative and relentless optimization, our team will ensure this channel is working for you and bringing in a flow of new bookings. 

Google Ads Results

Client example of PPC delivering $265,000 in bookings on a $5900 spend, a 45X Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)!

Contact us today for a free Google Ads account audit, and we’ll show you what can be done right away to optimize your ad campaigns.

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