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SEO Begins With Strategy

Despite the constant barrage of stories in the media proclaiming search engine optimization (SEO) to be dead and the rise of influencer and social media marketing, SEO is not dead. Far from it. In fact, for most tourism businesses, Google search is the leading source of traffic to their websites and results in more bookings than any other channel. Typically, SEO for tour operators accounts for upwards of 80% of site traffic so if you’re neglecting tourism SEO, you are doing it at your peril.

But here’s the thing, SEO is a tactic, and it only works if you’ve taken the time to figure out your tourism marketing strategy. Knowing your ideal clients, your buyer’s journey and what differentiates you in your niche are key, before even thinking about improving your search rankings. SEO for tour operators is hard work, and requires extensive technical skill and knowledge of the travel industry in order to be successful. At Aventur, we have a deep understanding of the tourism market and the technical know-how to successfully boost Google rankings.

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More Than One Kind of SEO

Many tourism business owners believe SEO is just what appears on your website and can be handled by their webmaster. Nothing could be further from the truth. The right strategy will lead to the right keywords and conversion-driving website content. But what happens off your website is even more important. Local search, Google My Business and Google Maps are becoming incredibly important for local SEO and must be optimized as well. 

But of all the factors affecting your Google rankings, none is more important than off-page SEO. Influential websites that link to yours will improve your Domain Authority more than anything else. Here’s where a tourism PR program comes into play. We’ll help you gain media exposure with great storytelling and powerful backlinks that boost SEO. The ultimate goal of a travel and tourism SEO program is to build trust and authority with Google, so your site ranks at the top of the search results page.  

Key Components of Tourism SEO

There are a lot of aspects to a successful search results program, but each of these is essential to grow search rankings and ultimately, get more bookings.

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Invest in Search for Long Term Growth

While getting results from SEO takes time and hard work, there are few things as foundational to a tourism business’s long term success than great search rankings. Top-of-the-page proves you’ve got authority with your target audience and with Google. 

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“Darryl's tourism SEO strategies and extensive adventure marketing experience have taken us from an unrecognizable tourism operator into a successful and recognized business.”

Wesley Gibson,
Owner, At The Water's Edge Adventures

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