Strategy First Package

Strategy First Package

The Aventur Marketing Strategy First Package takes over where the Total Online Opportunity Report leaves off. We go way beyond the initial assessment to get deep into your business and build a roadmap for future success.

Understand Your Ideal Customers

The best customers are the ones that come back again and again, tell their friends, and are profitable. You genuinely love working with them and wish you had more. A key part of our process is the ‘ideal client interview’. Using our customized research survey, we interview your best guests, looking for trends to discover ‘why’ they chose your tour operation. We look at demographic data, reviews, and other forms of intel too. Once we really understand your best guests, we can go out and find more of them.

Differentiate From Your Competitors

Here we spend a lot of time looking at your niche, the key players, and what sets your operation apart. We do market research, evaluate pricing, branding, and product offerings to understand what makes your operation truly unique and of value to your guests. We’ll uncover your direct and indirect competitors and deliver a strategy to compete and win.

Core Messaging and Branding

Once we understand your best guests and what sets you apart in your niche, we go to work on developing new core messaging and branding. In the high-end travel space, your guests are not buying a vacation or a fancy tour, they want a transformational experience. We’ll make sure this is built into your brand and messaging in every channel.

Tourism Business Plan

Our Strategy First Package can be a key part of your business plan for a new adventure tourism or luxury travel business or it can be used to get things on track for an established operation that needs to grow new bookings or expand into new markets.

The Deliverables

  • Total Online Opportunity Report
  • Market Research
  • Ideal Client Persona Development
  • Meetings With Key Staff And Stakeholders
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Editorial Plan
  • Core Messaging
  • Ready-to-Launch Ad Campaigns
  • Budgets And Key Recommendations

The Strategy First Package takes about 30-45 days to complete. Request a quote.

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