Travel Public Relations

Is PR Still Worth Doing?

You may have worked with a travel journalist in the past. Maybe they were referred to you by your DMO or public relations agency or they reached out to you directly, promising some great press in return for a free trip. It might have led to some great coverage or even some bookings. Or not. In the process, you learned that PR is difficult to do and harder to measure. The lead time can be months or even a year or more and you have little to no control over what actually gets published. Today’s media landscape of traditional print media, bloggers, Youtubers, podcasters, and social media influencers is complex and challenging to navigate.

Integrate PR into your Adventure Marketing Mix

If you’ve had a bad PR experience, you’re not alone. But success in public relations is achievable and should be a part of your overall tourism marketing strategy. The backlinks from relevant publications in your industry can give a powerful SEO boost to your business and position you as an authority within your niche. Great stories can inspire viewers and introduce your tours to entirely new audiences who may have never heard of you before. They can also move purchase-ready prospects into clients.

Aventur’s decade-plus of experience in working with travel media and tourism boards is unmatched among most digital marketing agencies. Our unique strategy leverages several low-cost, high-return methods to deliver stunning results from top tier and niche adventure media. We have a roster of travel journalists to call upon and can handle everything from story development and pitching to complete FAM trips.

The Ultimate Word of Mouth

Getting a great story in a major publication can be a coup for a small adventure tour operator. The spotlight and recognition feels awesome. PR or ‘earned media’ is often called the ‘ultimate word of mouth’ and is highly trusted by your customers. And with every print publication being online today, even the stuffiest old-school magazines and newspapers, those article backlinks can be giving your site traffic and domain authority (DA) for years to come. At Aventur, we fully integrate PR into your marketing system, creating stories that inspire your ideal clients and make your competition irrelevant.