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Nov 19

Essential Website Elements for Tourism Businesses

By Darryl Leniuk | Adventure Business , Digital Marketing , Travel Marketing , Uncategorized

Pretty Websites Don’t Cut It.  Most tourism business owners want a visually stunning website. They know great photography, video and slick design are important for their audience. Drone footage of majestic landscapes, detail shots of exquisite cuisine and video of adventure sports and smiling guests having beers in the hot tub are all part of […]

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Nov 04

How To Pitch Travel Media (and get them to write about your tour or destination)

By Darryl Leniuk | Adventure Business , adventure marketing , Digital Marketing , Media Relations , Public Relations , Travel Marketing

You’ve got a great adventure travel product. Your newest tour is proving to be a huge hit with your customers. You’ve put in the effort and now you deserve some great press. So how do you go about getting the attention of journalists and editors? It might be time for a tourism PR program. Know […]

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Oct 18

How to Dominate Your Tourism Niche with SEO

By Darryl Leniuk | Adventure Business , Digital Marketing , Travel Marketing , Uncategorized

Is Tourism SEO Still Worth Doing? Getting traffic to your website is a top goal for any tourism business owner. But SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, seems so old, like it’s been around a hundred years. Nowadays it’s all about Instagram, Youtube, Facebook ads and influencer marketing. But guess what, tourism SEO is still number […]

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DTM book and workshop
Apr 27

Strategy First Marketing

By Darryl Leniuk | Uncategorized

Many claim it, few do it. I spent this past weekend in Concord, North Carolina, for a ‘Strategy-First Bootcamp’ led by Duct Tape Marketing President, John Jantsch. Concord is located about 45kms northeast of Charlotte, the largest city in the region. The long-haul flights and three-hour time change was rough for an early start on […]

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DBC workshop
Oct 31

Trends in Tourism Marketing for BC

By Darryl Leniuk | Digital Marketing , Travel Marketing , Travel Trends

Last week I attended a tourism marketing seminar for the Vancouver, Coast and Mountains region organized by Destination British Columbia (DBC). Not surprisingly, digital marketing was the big focus. Here are a few highlights; Collaboration is Key The first speaker, DBC’s CEO, Marsha Walden, shared some high-level views of the global tourism industry: By 2030 […]

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Apr 25

Who’s Doing Adventure Travel? The answer may surprise you.

By Darryl Leniuk | Adventure Business , Travel Marketing , Travel Trends

Hardly a day passes without someone in the media proclaiming how millennials are surpassing boomers to become the next generation that dominates the planet. Their tastes, spending habits and use of social media obsess marketers who try to tap into their distracted attention spans. Investors have followed suit as Snapchat’s market cap rose to a […]

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May 03

How to Host a Travel Writer

By Darryl Leniuk | Adventure Business , Media Relations , Public Relations , Travel Marketing

You’re about to host a journalist to write about your awesome adventure tour and destination. FAM trips (for familiarization) or press trips, as they’re also known, are an integral part of your tourism PR and marketing program. The travel stories they produce are top-of-funnel inspiration that can drive leads and potential bookings further down the […]

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Feb 23

Why Newspapers Are Still Relevant for Today’s Travel Media

By Darryl Leniuk | Adventure Business , Media Relations , Public Relations , Travel Marketing

“Newspapers are tomorrow’s fish-n-chips wrappers,” the owner of an outdoor tour company told me recently. True, not a day goes by without someone decrying the death of print media. But was he right? Or are they still valuable places to seek media exposure for adventure travel operators and destinations? Link Juice for Adventure Travel Operators […]

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