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lightning storm
Mar 25

Surviving Coronavirus For Adventure Travel Businesses

By Darryl Leniuk | Adventure Business , adventure marketing , Digital Marketing , Travel Trends

As I write this article, the world has been upended by the coronavirus and whole industries have been decimated, particularly the tourism industry. Having been around for a while and seen the effects of 9/11 and the financial crisis, I’m hoping to offer some strategies from a marketing and PR perspective to navigate these challenging […]

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DBC workshop
Oct 31

Trends in Tourism Marketing for BC

By Darryl Leniuk | Digital Marketing , Travel Marketing , Travel Trends

Last week I attended a tourism marketing seminar for the Vancouver, Coast and Mountains region organized by Destination British Columbia (DBC). Not surprisingly, digital marketing was the big focus. Here are a few highlights; Collaboration is Key The first speaker, DBC’s CEO, Marsha Walden, shared some high-level views of the global tourism industry: By 2030 […]

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skiers in backcountry
Apr 25

Who’s Doing Adventure Travel? The answer may surprise you.

By Darryl Leniuk | Adventure Business , Travel Marketing , Travel Trends

Hardly a day passes without someone in the media proclaiming how millennials are surpassing boomers to become the next generation that dominates the planet. Their tastes, spending habits and use of social media obsess marketers who try to tap into their distracted attention spans. Investors have followed suit as Snapchat’s market cap rose to a […]

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Puerto Varras
Nov 10

Takeaways from the Adventure Travel World Summit

By Darryl Leniuk | Adventure Business , Sustainable Travel , Travel Trends

In early October I attended the Adventure Travel World Summit in Puerto Varas, Chile. Along with some 700 delegates from 55 countries, we overtook the tiny waterfront town in the Lakes District, in northern Patagonia. Lesser-known than the south, the northern region offers a ton of outdoor activities including downhill and backcountry skiing, rafting, hiking, […]

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Oct 30


By Darryl Leniuk | Adventure Business , Travel Trends

Welcome to my new blog. After nearly fifteen years of working as a journalist and photographer specializing in adventure travel, I’ve realized there’s a need out there for better media relations and communications for adventure tour operators, outdoor gear manufacturers, tourism boards and destination Marketing Organizations (DMO’s) that offer adventure travel.

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