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Oct 18

How to Dominate Your Tourism Niche with SEO

By Darryl Leniuk | Adventure Business , Digital Marketing , Travel Marketing , Uncategorized

Is Travel SEO Still Worth Doing? Getting traffic to your website is a top goal for any tourism business owner. But SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, seems so old, like it’s been around a hundred years. Nowadays it’s all about Instagram, Youtube, Facebook ads and influencer marketing. But guess what, SEO is still number one. […]

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Apr 27

Strategy First Marketing

By Darryl Leniuk | Uncategorized

Many claim it, few do it. I spent this past weekend in Concord, North Carolina, for a ‘Strategy-First Bootcamp’ led by Duct Tape Marketing President, John Jantsch. Concord is located about 45kms northeast of Charlotte, the largest city in the region. The long-haul flights and three-hour time change was rough for an early start on […]

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